Why You Need Emergency Evacuation and International Medical coverage – The South Africa Edition

The desert is harsh – buying an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan is not.

Where do you go to find both a desert and the second-largest waterfall in the world? To find shiny skyscrapers next to neighborhoods bearing a rich – albeit storied – history? Where you have “the big hole”, “the Cradle of Humankind”, and the location of Nelson Mandela's imprisonment all in place?

You can find all of these and more within the borders of the beautiful country of South Africa. 

This trip has been a total comedy of errors so far. Your airline lost your luggage, you were rained out of the first day of your trek through the Kalahari Desert and had to pay to book a new one, got sun poisoning during your rescheduled desert tour, tripped and fell, breaking your arm, while hiking down Table Mountain, and you are still only halfway through your whirlwind tour of South Africa! 

But what luck – you had the foresight to buy an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical policy, which has taken care of you financially during each and every medical mishap. For around the cost of a beer or a cup of coffee per day, your Emergency Evacuation and International Medical policy found you the right South African doctors and handled every detail for you without any out of pocket cost.

It was also smart of you to plan your hike during the first half of your trip, giving yourself time to recover mentally and physically from what you thought would be a “normal” desert trek, so you ended up with plenty of time to recover from your unforeseen adventures. 

It is clear that the financial security afforded to you by choosing coverage through an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical plan  provides you peace of mind during any mishaps that might occur during your trip. Knowing that a team of U.S. based medical experts is just a phone call away and there for you no matter what happens – and that they will find and coordinate your medical care with the best local medical providers, all while covering your expenses and even get you home if emergency evacuation is required. You realize quickly, you should NEVER leave your home country without it. 

You made the right choice, and chose an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical plan. Despite all of the trials and tribulations of the first half of your trip, you were able to spend the second half relaxing; seeing fossils at “The Cradle of Humankind” and the effects of the largest meteorite impact crater at Vredefort Dome; exploring Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned; looking for diamonds at “The Big Hole”; gawking at elephants, flamingos, and rhinos; eating warthog sausage and ostrich; and setting foot on the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. 

Dream, do, discover, and let TravelCare take care of you.

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