Evaluate. Improve. Deploy.

Transform your Traveler Risk Management to achieve your Duty of Care with TravelCare®.

Our strategic advisory and management consulting services are focused on improving International traveler wellbeing. Engage TravelCare's experts to ensure every facet of your travel program is optimized to protect your travelers and ensure your organization meets its Duty of Care.



More than ever, it’s critical to have a comprehensive traveler risk management plan and overall Duty of Care program. The travel environment is changing rapidly and organizations of all sizes need to evaluate their preparedness to protect the wellbeing of their travelers and to ensure they are meeting their Duty of Care.

Developing and maintaining a thorough Duty of Care program is an on-going process. However the first step in the journey starts with evaluating where your organization stands today and identifying gaps in the program. As there is no one size fits all solution, TravelCare's evaluation process creates a traveler risk map, customized to your organization, your stakeholders and your travelers. Our bespoke approach ensures we have a clear understanding of the organization's current state which acts as our guide to build the right program, at the right scale, to manage implementation costs efficiently and effectively.

No Duty of Care program. No problem.

TravelCare helps organizations establish and deploy cost effective traveler risk management and Duty of Care programs. While most larger companies have some form of Duty of Care program, small and mid-size companies generally do not, yet their responsibility towards their travelers is no less important or critical.

Now with TravelCare, even small organizations can have a Duty of Care program that meets their needs, even if just for a handful of travelers. Contact us to learn more.


Our proven methodology takes a traveler centric view of your Duty of Care program. TravelCare helps to close the gaps between thought leadership, industry best practices and your existing program. Together, we'll optimize program performance and protect your travelers and your organization.

Regardless of the maturity of your program, we work to mitigate traveler risks that can impact their health and safety and preserve an organization’s reputation internally and externally.

Proven ROI.

TravelCare protects your organization's most valuable asset. Your employees.

By keeping your travelers safe and healthy, organizations avoid the costly impact to their bottom line of unexpected absences. In fact, extended employee absences due to travel related illness can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

The vast majority of organizations cannot afford the lost productivity of an employee who has contracted an avoidable disease through pre-trip mitigation efforts. Certainly, none would knowingly put an employee in to that situation and yet it happens every day without an effective travel risk mitigation and Duty of Care program.

Make sure your organization is not unknowingly exposing your travelers to avoidable risk and contact us today for the peace of mind knowing that your are doing everything you can to protect your employees.


Now that you’ve made the investment to protect your traveling employees and your business, it’s time to deploy your Duty of Care program.

With TravelCare, you can choose whether we take the lead or work alongside you to ensure the successful deployment across your organization. We’ll be with you every step of the way to assist with the strategic planning, project management, employee training and communication necessary to seamlessly integrate the program in to existing or new workflows.

TravelCare's goal is to deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done everything possible to protect your organization's travelers regardless of their destination. Contact us to take the first step towards that goal.

The Issue We're Solving.

Pre-Covid-19, TravelCare targeted a massive and growing International traveler market comprised of almost 1 billion travelers globally. Post-Covid-19, we have enhanced our solution to support a robust and safe return to normal.

Despite the size of the market and growing need, only a tiny fraction of travelers are covered by a comprehensive Duty of Care program. Why? The reasons were many – inertia, lack of timely information, a broken medical system and cost of service are just a few reasons. This gap in care has become increasingly problematic and TravelCare resolved itself to make a meaningful difference to allow us to return to safe and healthy travel.

Unfortunately, it took a global pandemic to change the status quo and focus the traveling public and global organizations on the need for a robust traveler risk mitigation solution that is compliant with new rules and regulations that are quickly evolving worldwide. TravelCare is forging the path forward and establishing and delivering dynamic solutions that meet the new standard for Duty of Care. Contact us today to join us on this journey.