McKesson Canada Travel Health, Safety and Vaccine Program

McKesson Canada partnered with TravelCare International, the leading provider of International travel health and safety decision support software, to provide the information necessary to enter the the travel consultation and immunization business. TravelCare offers destination specific information for over 250 destinations globally including potential disease exposures and vaccine recommendations along with comprehensive etiquette and cultural tips and so much more.
Provide patients with the right pre-trip information and mitigate their risk when traveling abroad. Generate additional income while providing a critical service to a vast underserved market of 20 million Canadian international travelers.
Why offer travel consultations and vaccines:
  • Growing market segment - 90 million people travel internationally each year
  • No claims to file - Travel consultations and vaccines are a self-pay business
  • Easy companion sales - Benefit from the add-on prescription medication and over-the-counter product sales to insure your customers a safe and healthy journey
  • Track record for margin - Recognize an average gross margin on administered travel vaccines of 32.21%
  • Be a trusted advisor – You establish your personal consultation fee for short and in-depth travel health consultations
Prospective clients live around your store:
  • International business travelers
  • Missionary volunteers
  • Students and traveling educators
  • Pleasure travelers and vacationers to exotic locations