Ensure Travel Medicine is Part of every Patient's Preventative Care Routine

Don't let patients travel internationally without being prepared. Did you know, physician practices are often the first line of defense to ensure international travelers are prepared to stay safe and healthy when abroad? With TravelCare's travel medicine software, it has never been easier to align specific worldwide country health and safety advice with a patient's medical history. There's more to preventative travel health than ensuring routine vaccinations are up to date and 90 million U.S. travelers need knowledgeable medical professionals to protect their well-being.

Travel Medicine for Doctors & Primary Care Physicians

Provide patients with the right pre-trip information and mitigate their risk when traveling abroad. Generate additional income while providing a critical service to a vast underserved market of 90 million U.S. travelers.

The Numbers Confirm - Your patients need your help.  Below is a survey of medical professionals. The results are astounding. Of 1,071 participants MDs, NPs, DOs, RNs, and PAs:

  • Majority of participants claimed to see around 75 patients per week.
  • 57% had patients ask them about travel health at least once a month.
  • Over 50% of participants did not possess appropriate information to treat travelers.
  • Over 90% suggested a need for access to a web-based service travel health concerns.
  • Over 60% felt that travel medicine services would be of value to their patients.
  • More than half of survey participants are considering adding travel medicine services to their practice

Providing a Value Added Service - Traditional Primary Care Physicians are constantly seeking ways to increase revenue by offering value added services. TravelCare® allows PCP's to offer a value added service to their patients with ease.

A New Revenue Source - Less than 2% of PCP's provide travel health, but with 62 million people traveling outside the U.S. on an annual basis, a large percentage of your clients are going overseas. The average traveler will spend over $400 on medical costs in routine and travel vaccines and prescriptions alone. This is generally self pay and high margin. See the demo.

Proven ROI - A TravelCare subscription pays for itself and allows you to charge for the information in the form of a consult or bill for routine vaccinations, office visits, etc. The potential revenue and patient benefits are significant and the cost of the annual subscription can often be covered in as little as two visits.

Out of the Box Solution - The TravelCare platform is web-based so with a login you are ready to begin providing expert information to travelers. With the click of a mouse you have access to expert medical recommendations, complete guidelines to illnesses, diseases, prevention and treatment from a single source for any destination in the world. Customized reports are delivered in seconds and can be printed and emailed. See the demo.

What's included in your Subscription?

TravelCare is a complete web-based solution for any Doctor to begin providing travel medical reports and advice. TravelCare is a comprehensive platform which provides medical recommendations for over 200 destination worldwide and is designed by Doctors for Doctors. It allows you to inform and treat your patients using the most advanced and reliable data available. Below are the basics which are included in your annual subscription:

  • Daily Updated Medical Reports
  • Customized and Branded Reports and Login
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and multi-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 200 World Wide Destinations
  • Daily Security & Safety Alerts
  • Database of Endemic Illnesses and Disease Articles on Prevention and Treatment of every travel illness
  • 2nd Opinion "Live Help" for difficult cases