Protect Them so They can Protect Others

The benefit of preventative travel medicine cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting those who care for others. As a medical professional, TravelCare's travel medicine software ensures you are making the right recommendations to mitigate the health and safety risks of those assisting others, even when they are confronted with the most challenging of circumstances.

International Emergency Response, Medical Relief and Medical Missions

Emergencies happen when least expected. Earthquakes, major weather events and other unexpected catastrophes can cause widespread devastation to communities and sometimes entire countries. When these events hit, international first responders jump in to action.

When they do, you can be there for them. With TravelCare, you'll provide them with the recommendations and services to ensure they are protected so they can protect others. With real time, alerts and advice, they can be prepared for what they'll experience on the ground once they arrive.

What's included in the Travel Medicine Platform?

  Our web-based software allows for users to login from any device and generate on demand medical travel reports for any destination worldwide. Our reports include comprehensive medical recommendations, safety and security information for over 230 destinations. We offer single and multi-country itinerary  reports and each report can be customized to your needs. 
  • Daily Updated Medical, Safety and Security Reports
  • Single country and multi-country itineraries
  • Coverage of over 230 destinations
  • Complete Endemic Disease, Illness, Treatment and Prevention Resources
  • Expert Recommendations on Routine and Travel Vaccinations, Prescriptions, OTC
  • Country Guides
  • 2nd Opinion Service