Peace of Mind For Those With Peace On The Mind

Travelcare® is used by religious organizations to protect their congregations no matter where in the world they travel. No preparation is complete without turning to Travelcare's travel medicine software to provide pre-trip recommenndations and the network of providers to turn information in to action.

Missionary Travel Health Services

TravelCare is the travel medicine software for mission travel thanks to comprehensive travel health and safety recommendations and an expert network of medical professionals.

There are a vast number of mission programs sending adults and youth to developing countries. These visits are generally into remote areas that have high incidents of disease and illness. Without proper medical attention prior to travel individuals are susceptible to illness that may result in serious short and long term medical consequences..

Emergency Evacuation and international Health Insurance: Only TravelCare offers our own optional Emergency Evacuation and International Health Insurance. When protected, covered policyholders benefit from $1,000,000 in emergency evacuation and up to $500,000 in International medical insurance.

Provider Network:  For religious organizations seeking help for their travelers, TravelCare can recommend providers in our network

Powerful data:  Our medical, safety and security data is the most comprehensive in the industry.  Updates are made daily and are sourced and vetted using an exclusive combination of proprietary resources, governmental agencies and a network of medical and security partners.

User friendly:  Our platform is designed to be easy to use - reports can be generated in seconds and can be personalized for each user.  Our reports are easy to read and understand for both medical professionals and the travelers that receive the reports.

Customized:  Each report is customizable and branded for your company including your address, phone, and email. Reports can also be customized to optimize the consultation process to align with your preferred process and flow.

Collaborative:  You can add as many subscribers as necessary and even identify an administrator to add and edit users. With TravelCare you are always in control.

Print, email and optimized for mobile:  All TravelCare reports are configurable and are optimized to be read on mobile devices including TravelCare's exclusive interactive disease maps.

The only source you and your travelers need: You'll save time as TravelCare offers extensive resource guides for medical professionals at the touch of a button. There is no need to search multiple websites for data or spend time conducting extensive research to deliver comprehensive travel health recommendations. Our resource section provides links to PDF's and medical research including: scheduled boosters, vaccination information, security alerts, disease and prevention, travel health articles, world disease maps, cultural requirements, traveler tools and more... Your travelers will be fully prepared.

Tools to grow your business:  For over 10 years we've been powering the major travel clinics in the U.S. and internationally. TravelCare is delivering on tools and products that help you generate more business, treat more patients and produce more revenue.

What is included in a TravelCare subscription?

  • Fully interactive maps with instant elevation detail optimized for both desktop and mobile
  • Clinic branded and personalized traveler reports 
  • TravelCare's exclusive "Second Opinion" peer review
  • Email, Print and Mobile report delivery
  • Traveler Tracking Daily
  • Updated Medical Reports
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and multi-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 230+ World Wide Destination
  • Daily Medical and Security Alerts