Nurses and Nurse Practitioners

Nurses and nurse practitioners are among our most active users. They rely on TravelCare® daily to assist international travelers in a myriad of medical settings. From travel clinics, to physician offices, to hospitals, nurses are on the front line of travel health health and safety. In fact, given TravelCare's very affordable single user subscription price, many nurses use TravelCare's travel medicine software to offer an adjunct traveler health service to make additional income.

Travel Health Services for Nurses, PA's  & Medical Professionals

TravelCare® helps Nurses, LPN, LVN, RN, APN, APRN, NP, PA-C, Physicians Assistants and medical professionals to offer expert international travel health services for their traveling clients.  With over 90 million people per year traveling from the U.S. to foreign destinations and growing, travel health services and travel medicine are a specialty that offers tremendous growth potential.

Increase Your Value - For Nurses and medical professionals travel medicine is an area that can enhance your education, employment opportunities and add value to your current set of skills.   TravelCare software can instantly provide you with the medical recommendations to provide advice and treatment to traveling patients.

What is TravelCare?  TravelCare is a web-based service that provides international travel health recommendations for over 200 countries. With the click of a button Nurses can offer expert medical recommendations for any destination in the world.  In seconds you can view, email and print a report with every endemic illness and disease, recommended routine and travel vaccines, prescriptions and prevention advice for over 200 destinations.  It's a complete platform for you to provide travel medicine services.

What’s included in your Subscription?  TravelCare is a web-based complete solution for any Nurse or Medical Professional to begin providing travel medical reports.   TravelCare's comprehensive platform provides medical recommendations for any destination worldwide.   It allows you to inform and treat your patient using the most advanced data available.   Below are the components included in your annual subscription:

  • Daily Updated Medical, Safety and Security Reports
  • Premier Medical Research and Updates
  • Single country reports and mufti-country itinerary reports
  • Coverage of over 200 World Wide Destinations
  • Daily Security & Safety Alerts
  • Database of Endemic Illnesses, Diseases, and Vaccinations Articles on Prevention and Treatment of every travel illness
  • 2nd Opinion “Live Help” for difficult case review