Say “Bonjour” to Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Coverage!
December 17, 2019

Evacuation and International Medical Coverage a Must - Even for Canada!

It can be so exciting to cross the border to Montreal, to take a long weekend trip to visit the Falls, or enjoy the nightlife of Toronto. But what gets lost in the excitement – making sure you are protected in case of a medical emergency during your trip.
Do you really need Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance for Canada?


You're probably asking yourself “Why do I need international travel medical insurance? I'm just going to Canada for the weekend, and I have great coverage through my U.S. health insurance plan!”

Well, U.S. health insurance is not the same as Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance. It is easy to forget that U.S. based health plans generally provide no coverage for hospital stays or other medical bills when traveling abroad, just as it is easy to forget that Canada is abroad!The cost of Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance is infinitesimally smaller than the cost of even the most basic medical treatment, and, with the right coverage, there should be no deductible and no co-pay for your treatment. For around the cost of a cup of coffee each day, travelers can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their health and financial well-being are protected.

Take Dan, for example. Dan is in his Sophomore year of college. Looking for a change of pace from the usual weekend routine, he and his buddies decide to go on a weekend jaunt to Montreal.

They rent a car, book a couple of hotel rooms, have crossed the border, and are almost in the city when – oh no! Their car gets hit and veers off into a snowbank! Quebec is cold, after all. They come out with a broken arm, a broken leg, and a couple of concussions.

When it’s time to be discharged, Dan and his friends get their hospital bills, and not only are the bills astronomical, but the group's US health insurance plan won't cover any of their injuries! Imagine Dan's parents surprise and dismay when they then have to come up with the funds to foot the bill

If Dan and his friends had simply purchased Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance online before their trip, Dan would have had access to medical experts to assist him and his family in coordinating his care, flying in a loved one to be with him, covering the bills from the injuries sustained and, if required, stabilizing and transporting Dan back to his home location for ongoing treatment.

From as low as $5 per day, Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance provides travelers with assistance services to help with everything from lost passports to emergency medical evacuation, and covers the cost up to $1,000,000. No matter what emergency you may encounter during your travels outside the U.S., this coverage provides the peace of mind you and your family need so that you can spend your time enjoying the destination, because you know any medical emergency is covered.

So the next time you plan a trip around the world – or just to Montreal to watch some real hockey with a beautiful mix of French Canadians and United States citizens all screaming at the players and referees in the country that practically invented the sport – remember to ask yourself: “Should I buy Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance?” Your answer should always be a resounding, “Yes!” or maybe “Oui!”

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