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February 9, 2020
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Reasons Why You Need Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Coverage For Your Trip to India!

There are so many sights to see, and there is so much ground to cover, in India that you could travel around for months and barely scratch the surface!
You might be sitting there thinking, “Me? Why do I need International Evacuation and Medical Insurance? My family is from India, and I go there all the time!”


Or you might be thinking, “Do I really need an International Medical insurance plan? I'm going on guided tour of India that is only two weeks long, and they have their own trip insurance built into the cost of the trip. What could possibly go wrong?” or “My yoga retreat is in a small town that is tucked away from civilization and cell phones, where they will house us and feed us three meals per day as we do nothing but twelve hours per day of yoga practice and meditation – nothing is going to happen to me!”

Traveler's Diarrhea, and other medical emergencies

Each region has its own culinary style, which can vary wildly even from town to town. The Indian food that we eat in the U.S. is just a tiny microcosm of everything that is available when you set foot in India itself – and don't you dare mention “butter chicken”! You eat plenty of meals with your family during your trip, and you start to think that your body is re-acclimating to the local cuisine, until you try a street curry that looks delicious, but has been left out for just a little bit too long.

The traveler's diarrhea hits a few hours later, and you find yourself so dehydrated that you need to be rushed to the emergency room for electrolytes, since your auntie's famous mango lassi just isn't cutting it this time. Sadly, your U.S. health insurance doesn't cover overseas medical emergencies, so you end up paying out of pocket for your healthcare. However, if you had bought an affordable Emergency Evacuation and International Medical plan, all of your medical bills would have been covered up to $500,000!

Driving Safety and accidents

Your yoga retreat is going forth without a hitch. You picked out the perfect flowy pants and dresses, and picked up a couple of gorgeous sarongs – more commonly referred to as lungi in India – in the textile markets at the beginning of your trip before heading to the retreat.

The notion of a car accident on the way to the airport was far from your mind; however, it happened and you needed help urgently. Fortunately, you were also smart, and purchased an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical coverage before your trip, which gave you access to U.S. based medical doctors with just one phone call. The doctors and their team were able to guide you to which hospital met the highest International standards of care, communicated with local doctors and on the ground emergency service providers in their own language, coordinated your care until you were evacuated back home, and even flew out a loved one to join you from the U.S. It was clear now that you made an excellent decision to buy an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical plan and there was no copay and no deductible for any of the services.

Even though India has some of the most dangerous driving conditions in the world, you were covered thanks to the Emergency Evacuation and International Medical. You had the peace of mind knowing your plan covered up to $500,000 of medical expenses including hospitalization and up to $1,000,000 of emergency medical evacuation coverage to get you back to your home.

Dream, do discover, and let TravelCare take care of you.