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Climb Every Mountain is Great Advice – Until the Altitude Sickness Kicks In...

What do you do when altitude sickness strikes unexpectedly?
You're hiking the Inca trail in Peru when you feel yourself starting to feel weak and experience shortness of breath. Now what?


You ignore these symptoms, telling yourself that you are out of shape and needed to prepare more for these athletic endeavors. You resolve to go to the gym more when you get back home, never mind the fact that you regularly run 5Ks and participate in various group sporting events. So you continue on your trek, but after a few more minutes you start to get dizzy, and feel nauseous. Shaking, you realize something is really wrong. You try to call to your guide, but find that it is too much effort. You pass out, and find yourself awoken by the smell of a noxious tonic that the local healer swears will cure your altitude sickness – but not for a few days while your body adjusts to the heightened altitude.

All you wanted to do was eat tons of the freshest ceviche you will ever find, drink your weight in pisco sours, pet an alpaca, taste cuy al horno (roasted guinea pig – how adventurous of you!) and see the beautiful sights and explore the wonders of Peru, but you instead find yourself entrenched in all of the glory of altitude sickness. That's where International Medical Insurance steps in to save the day. For around the cost of a cup of coffee per day, your International Medical Insurance plan covers the EMS cost to get you off the mountain – yes, your symptoms were that bad and, with one call to the U.S. Assistance center (included as part of your International Medical Insurance plan), you spoke with a doctor and were transported to the closest hospital that follows the best International standards of care, In fact, your hospital stay and all of your diagnostic tests, medications, and treatments were paid for without any cash from you and with no copay or any deductible.

In Situation A – you did not buy an International Medical Insurance plan, and the extremely limited trip insurance that your credit card provides does not cover medical bills or hospital stays. This trip that you thought would last for a week and then give you a lifetime of memories ends up costing you twenty times what you originally paid, and you don't even get to enjoy it!

Luckily, you were smart, and you chose Situation B – you bought an International Medical Insurance plan, so help was just one phone call away and your care was managed by a qualified Assistance Service provider and coordinated through their doctors and nurses who oversaw your care and coordinated with the local medical staff. , They also contacted your loved ones, including your emergency contact, and kept them informed every step of the way regarding your treatment and recovery.. So, not only did the International Medical Insurance plan, cover the costs of all of your bills, even better, it ensured you received the best medical care possible and gave you and your loved ones peace of mind, even in the most difficult of circumstances.

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