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It's Not All Kiwi Birds and Sheep – Why You Need International Medical Coverage in New Zealand

Whether you are exploring the North or South Island of New Zealand, you need to have the best Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan you can find!


Medical emergencies and travel problems do not discriminate between trips to see historical locations like the Kauri Museum – with its history of the Kauri gum industry and the development of the North Island – in Matakohe or the Rutherford birthplace – of Ernest Rutherford, the first New Zealander to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry – on the South Island; relaxing beach vacations like lounging on the shore at Ninety Mile Beach, visiting New Zealand's northernmost point at Cape Regina, and then hopping down to Nelson, the “craft beer capital of New Zealand” on the South Island; and adventurous camping trips through the South Island.

That is where an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan by TravelCare steps in. When you purchase TravelCare's  “Get Me Home” Emergency Evacuation and International plan, a team of U.S. based medical professional and travel emergency experts will be with you every step of the way during any emergency  or medical issue that may arise during your journey throughout New Zealand. Just a phone call away, they are available 24/7 to help no matter what may arise. From a lost passport, to legal aid, to emergency hospitalization and emergency evacuation, they always have your back and give you the peace of mind to enjoy your New Zealand vacation.

Auckland in the north and Wellington in the center have both been the capitals of New Zealand, and are incredible jumping-off points to see everything else both of the islands have to offer (Note: Wellington is on the very southern tip of the North Island, so it is an excellent way to get to the South Island).

The North Island is more developed, perfect for exploring the surf and history of the country – crossing Auckland's Harbour Bridge will take you to the Hibiscus Coast for beaches galore, while other places to discover include the Viaduct Basin. Don't forget to see Auckland from the Sky Tower – at 328 meters high, it is the highest tower in the southern hemisphere. For the cost of a cup of coffee per day, TravelCare's inexpensive, affordable, Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan will allow you to surf and see the sights without worrying that one emergency on this trip will upend your entire financial situation.

While you are on the North Island, don't forget to take a tour to see some sheep getting sheared and go to the Maori Arts and Crafts Center and Thermal Reserve for boiling mud and to explore the Maori culture with Haka dances. You are in New Zealand, after all!

The South Island will bring you on the type of camping and outdoor adventure that will bring out your inner Indiana Jones the moment you set foot on the island, which is why you should always make sure to have an affordable Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan, just in case something happens and you need to get home quickly. You should not have to worry about your health or your finances while walking through old-growth native forests, cooling off in swimming holes and eating green shell mussels in Havelock.

So the next time you ask yourself if you need Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance coverage, remember that the answer is always a giant YES!

Dream, do, discover, and let TravelCare take care of you.