It’s Not All Kiwi Birds and Sheep – Why You Need International Medical Coverage in New Zealand
February 17, 2020

My Identity Was Stolen in Italy – Now What?!

Ah, Italia. Home of Rome, Michelangelo, and the best pasta you'll ever eat. But what can you do when something goes awry in your travels that is out of your control?
That's where we step in, with an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan.


Italy is a wonderful country, filled with arts, food, and culture, and anyone would be lucky to travel there. But there are a few downsides. Italy also has the highest rate of credit card theft in the world, and crossing the street in many Italian cities can be a dangerous affair. Walkways are not the clearest – and can sometimes be smack in the middle of a roundabout – and cars don't always stop for pedestrians. So what do you need to remember to buy before you leave? An Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan.

The coverage through an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance \goes beyond its name. A good plan offers support to International travelers with passport replacement, emergency cash advance and a multitude of other necessary services for travelelers needing emergency assistance when outside their home country. It comes in handy when your main debit or credit card – you know, the one with all of those great perks like no international fees, and travel rewards, and cash back – stops functioning midway through your trip because your bank has detected fraud, but cannot or will not send you another card until you are back in the United States. All it takes is one phone call to the Assistance Center where a team of experts is available to support you and resolve your emergency. Every TravelCare policyholder has direct access to the Assistance Center 24/7.

With plans starting around the cost of one espresso per day, an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance will be just the ticket if you get hit by a moto while crossing the street to gaze upon the statue of David or to toss a coin or two or three into the Trevi Fountain, even after you've looked both ways multiple times. Not only can your Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan ensure that you pay nothing for your hospital stay and medical bills, it can also fly you back to your home in the United States so that you can get the care you need while surrounded by the people who care about you and love you the most. Your dream trip should never be out of reach just because of a mishap that is out of your control.

Book that flight! Explore the magnificence of Rome's most ancient sites, gorge on pizza in Naples and gelato in Bologna, sip homemade wine straight from the vineyards of Tuscany, see where Romeo wooed Juliet in fair Verona, experience the high fashion of Milan, and more! Just remember to include an Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plan in your digital suitcase. Tuck your insurance card in with your passport case and those hard-earned Euros, and know that TravelCare's  Emergency Evacuation and International Medical Insurance plans will cover you should any emergencies come your way. 

Dream, do, discover, and let TravelCare take care of you.